I’m running for Washoe County School Board, District C to serve the families of Washoe County.

It has been my honor and privilege to serve as the newly appointed Trustee for
District C, and I’m in this for the long haul.

I am running for our kids, our neighbors, our educators, and our future.
With your vote, I can continue being a voice for you.

Putting My Experience to Work

Hello, my name is Joe Rodriguez, and together, I know we can build a better School District for Washoe County.  

Each person should have a voice. From parents and educators to students themselves, I intend to give you a platform where your concerns are heard and then met. With nearly 20 years in public service, I’ve dealt with the pains of typical political double-talk for far too long, and that’s why I’m running.

When you vote for me you are electing a husband, a friend, and most importantly, a father who cares about his children’s education.

Every day, I feel blessed to live in this beautiful community with my wife and four children. However, I still believe we can make our community better by prioritizing our children’s needs and cutting through the red tape. 



Nevada Police Union

My Goals

Expand our school system to meet the needs of a growing community

Our community has grown by 20.54% since 2010. To match this growth, we need to build more schools and hire more teachers and staff. One goal I have is to prioritize a new high school in Cold Springs.  I would also like to prioritize more volunteer opportunities for parents in our schools. 

Improve compensation for our teachers and support staff

Educators and support staff are directly responsible for the development of our children. These individuals have had to work through a pandemic, lack of funds, and lack of resources. As a community, we are overdue in showing them our appreciation.

Provide a safe haven for our children

Early in my law enforcement career, it would break my heart to see children who had lost their way. In our community, the school system provides the only safe place for the kids who don’t have good home lives. My goal is to build an ecosystem where these kids can receive the positive support they need from role models in our community.

Proven Results

  • Approved $30,000,000 to $40,000,000 in capital renewal investments for the next 5 years for school remodels and updates.
  • Already in 2022, District C schools received over $4,000,000 total for the remodeling of older schools.
  • Has Prioritized the much-needed academic recovery investments with ESSER funds. Currently, opportunities to invest in classroom technology such as sound amplification systems and active display monitors such as Promethean are being developed. Trustee Rodriguez will support District C schools receiving the equipment needed for a 21st-century learning environment.
  • Voted in support of $3.7 million for microphones, speakers, amplifiers for 40 schools  
  • Voted in support of the New Debbie Smith Career Technical Academy High School, to be completed by fall 2024/ Construction starts fall 2022

  • Voted in favor of antibully and hazing policy promoting a safe learning environment.

  • Voted in support of new Elementary School in South Reno
  • Voted and supported pay increases for School Police Officers
  • Voted and supported pay increase for school bus drivers, teacher aids, and clinical staff
  • Voted and supported pay increase for educators
  • Voted and supported COVID-19 differential pay for all staff
  • Voted and supported 24/7, 365 access to online tutoring for all WCSD students
  • Advocated for funding of new firearm-detecting K9’s for school police

Make a Donation


If you would prefer to contribute by check,
make payable to:

Committee to Elect Joe Rodriguez
2929 Vista Blvd #50867
Sparks, Nv 89435